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The Calgary Real Estate Market has changed quite a bit in the last year or so.  We have shifted from a very comfortable ‘Seller’s Market’ to a ‘Buyer’s Market’ and that means the way we market listed properties has to change as well.

Successful Real Estate Agents recognize a simple fact.   Homes that ‘show well’ tend to sell faster than those that don’t.  They also tend to sell closer to the asking price.  Working with a professional Home Stager can help you ensure your listings always show the best they possibly can.

Professional Home Staging can also help your vacant properties to sell quicker.  Vacant properties are more difficult to sell for a couple of reasons.  First, every aesthetic challenge is put on display when a property is shown without furniture.  Even things as simple as mismatched switch plate covers can turn buyers off.  Second, showing vacant properties can lead to offers that are lower than they should be, because buyer’s may perceive the owner is desperate to sell.

A home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  Don’t allow your listed properties to sit on the MLS for months, or worse yet, allow your listings to expire after you’ve invested time and money in marketing.  Encouraging your sellers to work with a Professional Home Stager can really make your job easier.  I offer Home Staging for Real Estate Professionals in the Calgary Area.

Why is Home Staging a good investment for Real Estate Agents?

Because that small investment can mean more money in your pocket.

  • Listings that don’t sell before a contract expires, means the agent has invested time and funds they may never recover.  According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes often sell in half the time and closer to the list price than un-staged homes.  Don’t work for free, encourage your sellers to stage their properties.


  • Over 90% of buyers begin their search online before choosing to see them in person.  Having a home that’s photo ready is crucial in this market.  Price will attract attention, but appeal is what attracts offers.


  • Building your Brand and Expertise will result in Credibility – Outsourcing to a Professional Stager gives you more time to devote to marketing and selling your clients’ properties.  It also allows you to preserve your longer term relationship with your clients by allowing your Home Stager to deliver difficult messaging in an unbiased manner.

How Real Estate Agents market their listings has changed over the past few years.  Most realtors now use professional photography to showcase the home they’re trying to sell.  ‘Staging’ or ‘Showcasing’ before those photos are taken is like putting on a nice outfit and shaving or putting on makeup before having a headshot session.  Most of us wouldn’t go to get a photo done by a professional photographer without doing those things.

It’s the same with your listings.  In a Buyer’s Market it’s even more critical to ensure your list photos stand out from the comparable listings by looking their best.

Both of the images below were taken in the same room with the same furniture.  The home owner had wisely invested in new paint and new carpeting, but even that didn’t ensure the house showed well.  Which property would you rather sell?

After showcasing, this property was conditionally sold after 3 days, and finalized in just over a week.

Home Staging Calgary before
Home Staging Calgary After
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