Professional Home Staging Calgary Works. And it Can Do a Lot More than Transform a Property, it can Help Change a Life.


The slogan I chose when setting up my business is “Let Chrysalis Transform Your Home and Set You Free.”  Yesterday we did just that.  If you’ve followed the blog for the last few days, you know the story of a single mom resonated with me.  I’d been in her shoes, and I understood the stress of being on her own, preparing to move with kids and pets.  She wanted to sell her home to get a fresh start for her kids and herself, and was willing to do some work to get there.  Home Staging Calgary works.

One of the first good decisions she made, was to hire a customer focused realtor who always invests in a professional staging assessment and professional photos.  No exceptions.    He is also great at understanding the local market and is a really good negotiator.  Those things are key to getting a property sold.  Price it right, and get it looking it’s best before listing.

Her realtor paid me to do a walk and talk assessment of her property last week, hoping to help her use her own things to show off her property.  She had done exactly the right thing by spending her money on new neutral paint and new carpeting, which didn’t leave a lot left over to invest in a monthly rental package to give this home the polish it needed to stand out in MLS listings.

After the walk through, I was determined to give this house the showcasing it deserved with the limited resources she had.  That meant I had to get creative with the items I could bring in to her home.  Like many home stagers, I don’t supply things like bedding in an occupied bedroom.  It just doesn’t make sense.  I buy the inventory I use, and in order to make a living, I can’t have the things I buy used on a daily basis.  Rather than give up, I made a trip to a couple of thrift stores to find some items that could work.  I found a couple of great throws, some perfect, crisp white pillow cases and a few accessories that would be perfect in this house.

Then I continued my quest by purchasing some chalk paint and a few inexpensive items I could transform into appropriate accessories to make this little house shine.  By investing in my time on the front end meant she saved time the home would be listed.  It paid off big for this mom.  Her home was priced right, and got the sparkle it needed to stand out from the crowd.  

The result?  It sold in this buyers’ market in just 3 days!

While I can’t take away the challenges she still has, choosing a new home, packing and getting settled, she has passed the biggest hurdle of selling her home for the best possible price.  She has also pre packed  many items in her home, so her actual move will be less hectic now.

 She can start to look for the perfect place for her family’s fresh start, and that feels really good.

Ellen Mann

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