How to Sell A Home In Three Days For Well Over List Price

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In Calgary’s competitive “buyer’s market”, every advantage must be used to market your home. It’s said “if it’s priced right, it will sell” and while that’s certainly true, pricing is just one piece of the marketing strategy required; homes today also need to be staged beautifully and photographed well. (Visit

This trifecta – good price, beautiful staging, great photos – is a winning strategy to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Case in point: I recently staged two properties. These houses were priced right and had beautiful photographs. Each was conditionally sold in three days and closed $22,000 over their listed prices. My clients were ecstatic.

Here’s why all three of the above strategies have to be implemented:

No Staging, Well-Priced, Good Photographs:

• If a property is vacant, even if it’s competitively priced with good photographs, there is less interest in people going to physically view it. Furthermore, small flaws, such as dated vent covers or light switch plates, stand out more in a vacant home because there is nothing else for a prospective buyer to focus on.

• Similarly, if your property is competitively priced and has good photographs, but the house shows as a bit “cluttered” or dated it will be a turn off to prospective buyers viewing the property on MLS and they won’t book a viewing. Also, it can be difficult for buyers to see past things to see what the home is truly like. Even if you’ve gone through and de-personalized the space, it can read as “cold” in MLS photos. Your home could sit on the market while the homes in the same area that are staged, sell quickly.

Good Price, Well-Staged, Poor Photographs

Your home’s priced well, I’ve done a great job of staging it, but the photographs don’t show the home well. Or God forbid, the realtor has used his own iPhone to take the shots. A good photographer will recognize when a property needs a little help. For example, the home could lack enough natural or artificial light. A good photographer will know how to compensate for the lack of light in a home. He or she can do so by adjusting the camera settings, adding flash where needed, editing the photos appropriately in a photo editing program, or even bringing in lighting equipment. As a home seller, having an experienced photographer contributes a lot to showcasing your property at its’ best.

Great Staging, Great Photographs, High Pricepoint

Everyone wants to know they’re getting the best value for their dollar, and home buyers are no different. Because Calgary is currently experiencing a “Buyers Market,” potential purchasers are savvy. They know what a home is worth, and as they currently have choices, they will simply go on to the next house if the pricing isn’t good no matter how pretty it is. If a property is beautifully staged, has great photos and the right pricing, it can often result in multiple bids. (Visit George Byma – Remax) That was the case with both of my recent over list properties. If buyers know there are other bids they are likely to go over list price to secure the right property.

As a home stager, I stage your home so it is appealing to the widest possible group of potential buyers. I work with realtors who are experts at pricing homes well, and a photographer who has years of experience making the photos of your staged home look their best.

So there you have it – the “hat trick” to selling your home fast and for the best dollars.

Ellen Mann

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